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Reception Area
Fabrication and installation
Cherry, poplar, and maple
Mario Russo Salon, Boston, Ma.

Starting with conceptual drawings by others, we modified the design extensively to fit the physical requirements of the space and the budgetary requirements of the client. The painted diamonds were originally to be made of cherry veneer. We engineered the entire project so that we could build it in small, removable sections. These fit into the tiny elevator that provided the only practical access to this third floor location.

Detail Photo
Construction Photo

Russo Salons Reception Area
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Mario Russo Salon
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Stylist Stations
Design, fabrication, and installation
Cherry, sandblasted glass, stainless steel, and aluminum
Mario Russo Salon, Boston, Ma.

We worked closely with the client to design stations that would be easy to clean and easy to use. These stations are removable, simple to fabricate, and in keeping with the modern styling of the salon. A clear space of one inch all around the sandblasted glass tops allows the stylists to brush hair to the floor easily. Our design of the mounting brackets and adjustable feet enabled us to install sixteen of these stations in less than five hours. We installed these units on a Sunday so that this business lost no production time.

Individual Station Photo
Station Detail Photo

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