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Individual Station Photo
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Mario Russo Salon Station Detail

Stylist Station, Mario Russo Salon, Boston, MA
Design, fabrication, and installation by Swanson Woodwork
Cherry, sandblasted glass, stainless steel, and aluminum
Photo by Brian Urkevic, Boston, MA

©1999 by Swanson Woodwork

This detail photo shows some of the features found underneath our stylist workstations. The slotted aluminum angle at the right is bolted to a block screwed onto the existing molding. The slanted drawer unit shown at the left of the photo has 1/8" thick sheet aluminum at the top and bottom of the drawer box.

The slotted aluminum angles allow the units to be levelled easily. They also hold the workstation top away from the existing wall, providing a space for hair to fall through as stylists brush off their work surfaces.

We used 1/8" aluminum drawer box tops and bottoms as substitutes for the thick plywood pieces usually used in this application. Our use of aluminum here provided maximum storage space inside of the thin, angled drawer boxes.

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