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Joinery design and fabrication
Honduras mahogany, stone, and metal
Private home, Lexington, Ma.

I worked from conceptual drawings to choose joinery that would withstand years of exposure to the elements. The staved columns have solid load-bearing cores with venting at top and bottom. We joined the main beams with sliding dovetails. The top frames are half-lapped, screwed, and glued. Other craftspeople installed and finished the work.

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Mahogany Pergola
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Mario Russo Salon
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Sunburst Medallion
Joinery design and fabrication
Mahogany and composition casting

This is an example of some of our reproduction work for period houses. The reverse curves in the outer moldings were profiled on our tilting spindle shaper. The inner "sunburst" is a pre-made composition casting. After we made this ornament, the client painted it brightly and attached it to the gable of their carefully restored home.

Detail Photo

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