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Profiled Tooling

We are one of very few shops in the Boston area who can make custom molding knives in house. Our collection of knives can be combined in various ways to form thousands of different moldings. We routinely make small amounts of molding to match existing work.

In this picture, a knife that we made is being set into a circular toolholder, or cutterhead. The cutterhead is mounted in a set-up stand during this process. We adjust the knives to the metal template shown at the right of the photo. After we set the knives, we remove the cutterhead from the setting stand and mount it in one of our shaping machines.

Cutterhead Knife
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Spindle Shaper
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Tilting Spindle Shaper

We use this shaper to curved moldings or molding requiring heavy cuts. When we turn the shaper on, the cutterhead spins, cutting wood fed past the spinning cutterhead to the knife shape. The tilting spindle helps us to make cuts safely that would otherwise require excessive knife projections.

The cutterheads that we use are the most versatile shaper tooling available. Knives can be tilted, cutterheads can be stacked to hold larger knives, and extensions can be bolted into the cutterhead bodies to support large knife projections. The versatility of our tooling combined with our tilting spindle shaper makes us a valuable resource for homeowners, other woodworkers, architects, designers, and contractors who need unusual moldings.

Detail Photo

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